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Product & Design Thinking

Product Strategy, Human Centred Design, Service Design and innovation...

How can I help You?

I solve challenging problems...

01. Insight

Real Understanding

Gather the right information...
What is the service you provide? 
What do your customers think about it?
Are you doing the right thing?


Collaboration & Facilitation.
Usability testing & User research.
Workshops & Interviews.

02. inspiration

True Transformation

Make better decisions based on evidence...
What are your customer touchpoints?
How and what can be changed?
Are you doing the right thing in the right way?


Product & UX Strategy.
Creativity & Design Thinking.
Service Design & User Experience.

03. Action

Better Outcomes

Deliver more value together...
How can you realise and demonstrate benefits?
Is it having a meaningful impact?
Are you continuing to do the right thing?


UI Design & Development.
Lean/Agile & Project Management.
Prototyping & Usability Testing.

What are your services?

Service Transformation

Change is hard. From building initial design capability through training to shaping a culture of design and change. I can help to make improvements & change continuous.

Product Design & Strategy

I can help you to imagine new products, services and experiences. Then I can help you to make them into reality, working closely with your teams to ensure delivery.

Analysis & Understanding

Before you make a decision why not understand what the situation is first. I can interview users and employees to give you the best basis for your decisions.

About Sarah

Projects overseen in 2 years


Savings made using design methodology


Products delivered over the last 2 years


Across 5 sectors & industries

Sarah's management style fosters creativity. She promotes entrepreneurship, autonomy and the use of innovative product management techniques and methodologies. She is also very good at motivating people as her enthusiasm is infectious.

Mael Plaine -

Team Member at Arcus Global

Sarah just has a natural knack to understanding business problems and challenges and coming up with a respectable and realistic suggestion as a solution the problem.

Scott Forest

- Developer at Arcus Global

Sarah is a very passionate and research-orientated user experience designer. Her skillset goes well beyond fancy design, it is her drive to mirror the user mindset while managing the internal stakeholders' objective definition, that has impressed me the most.

Richard Andersson

- Manager at Abcam

Sarah has a unique grasp of the mechanics required to make projects successful and a talent for getting even the most truculent players to collaborate. She is the human equivalent of multivitamins for your enterprise.

Alex Weinle

- Head of development at Arcus

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